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Can you triple performance using organisational health?

April 17 2014

We’ve always thought there must be a great success secret somewhere, and here it is in the form of a recipe! But how do you know you have the right formula? McKinsey’s latest research from more than 800 organisations globally might just reveal the answer.   New research by Mckinsey suggests that the performance payoff from organisational health is unexpectedly large. Companies have four distinct “recipes” to achieve it. Performance-based organisational health is the capacity to deliver superior financial and operating performance –… Read more »

Engagement, climate and performance – what’s the connection?

March 25 2014

High turnover typically means low organisational health – it’s disruptive and expensive. ‘Commitment to stay’ is supposed to be great. But low turnover can be a problem too, depending on how it relates to engagement. How do you know which you have? Employee engagement ‘Engagement’ has now ascended to a level akin to the holy grail. Engagement tends to mean people stay on with the organisation, but sometimes ‘intention to stay’ gets confused with real engagement. Puzzling…? The wrong sort… Read more »

Three ways to make a Performance Management system change-friendly

September 4 2013

Performance review systems can be great, or not so great. They can be encouraging, or punitive. We’ve noted on a post on our Gamechange site about the negative impact of Microsoft’s punitive “stack ranking” performance management system, which by ranking all employees along a bell curve, did more to destroy the company’s culture than anything else.   So can a performance management system not only be good, but also ‘change-friendly”? A story (link below) says yes – if it incorporates three key… Read more »