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Middle Managers need help (in the new world of work)

September 28 2022

The shift to remote work is particularly impacting on middle managers in all larger organisations. We should address this now. Middle managers play a vital role, and it’s just not on to let the role – or the incumbents – languish, when we actually can meet the challenge. Why are these roles so important? Middle management roles are critical positions in all mid to large organisations; indeed, the impact of middle managers on business success can be ‘make or break’:… Read more »

Does Culture REALLY eat Strategy for breakfast?

August 24 2021

I originally published this piece on LinkedIn back in May 2018, including some ideas sparked by the 2018 Australian Leadership Summit. That was back when we used to attend actual events! Am re-posting it today as it’s worth a quick read if you ever wonder about the answer to this time-honoured question. Have added a couple of 2021 edits or notes… Culture has been said to eat Strategy for breakfast (or lunch!). But does it really? When around 75-80% of… Read more »

Boards now seeing Culture as the big merger success factor.

August 22 2019

Boards now seeing Culture as the big merger success factor. We’ve noted for some time that Strategy is number 1, but Culture eats it for breakfast, and the good news is that the Director community is increasingly coming out and clearly identifying the importance of culture. While this may be partly in relation to directors responding to tighter regulation and the impact of royal commissions on directors’ duties, it also just makes good business sense. It was clear again at… Read more »