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Facilitation & Training

The role of facilitator is to ‘make things easy’ for your group to achieve its goals. Our principal Paul Murphy is an experienced facilitator in areas including strategy, leadership, team development and management. A facilitation process includes session scoping and planning, facilitation of group sessions, and in some cases followup work to help embed a new strategy or cultural shift.

Atwork also provides training programs in several key areas impacting on organisational performance. Trainers are matched to programs in their areas of expertise. Our programs are typically customized to match your industry, your Strategy and Vision, and business & team KPIs.


Facilitation of strategy or planning sessions

Boards and executive team strategy sessions represent a key moment in the calendar of your operation. It may be the annual retreat, or it might be a review between those big events. When you need someone to help set the scene, keep things flowing and get you to the outcomes you need, we can help.

Paul Murphy has experience over many years providing support at this level, and is able to help you tap into your best innovative thinking and reach the best considered positions possible.

As Seth Godin noted in a satirical post, committee planning often produces plans that are safe, but vague. He said this was because "no one ever got in trouble for failing to meet a vague plan”. But, as he pointed out, vague plans are very unhelpful when it’s time to make a hard decision. So our aim is to help you develop plans that are challenging yet achievable, linked to a suitable vision yet flexible enough to respond to changes in the climate.

We can work with you onsite or offsite, and can bring additional resources and facilitators to the program if needed, including guest speakers and co-facilitators


Special purpose facilitation

Looking for other help with facilitation? We will partner with you to scope, design and deliver specific programs based on your needs.   We'll set outcomes with you, and ensure that we do everything humanly possible to help you reach them.


Contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can help 'facilitate' your  success.


Internal Customer Service

In the dim dark past, internal service providers were often seen more as corporate 'police' than support providers enabling the business to effectively reach its strategic goals. Their internal customers often only noticed the compliance requirements they imposed - reporting, following systems, adhering to rules.

More recently internal services took on that role of support provider, and today things are changing even faster again...

From the old school approach of ‘corporate watchdogs’, internal services have moved to an awareness of their role as supporters and strategic enablers.

This involves seeing members of your workforce as your customers, and the role of internal service providers being to provide a seamless consumer experience to your employees in an integrated fashion. The fundamental shift is from the ‘services’ orientation to the ‘employee experience’ orientation.

This also means that those delivering internal customer service often need to make a shift in their thinking about their role. This can be more challenging if they've been in that role as part of an older culture in the past. Understanding a new model of service is one thing, and living the brand is  another - this is theory into practice.

In a workshop-style setting with a program confirmed by full discussions, we will work with your team to review, strategise, and re-set your internal service delivery model. Our program optionally includes customer service training for staff working at the frontline in internal services - in reality that's the whole team.


Team Leadership / Staff Management

For new Team Leaders and Managers, taking on the role effectively can require ‘upgrades’ in key areas of how they manage themselves and others.

Not everyone is a born leader or manager, and that first appointment to a team leader or manager role brings many challenges.

Our program includes:

  • The role of managing – fundamentals;
  • Your personal management style;
  • Your identity as a manager and leader;
  • The manager’s toolkit;
  • How to step up from being a team member;
  • Setting directions for teams and individuals;
  • Establishing objectives, allocate work, delegating;
  • Team dynamics and team leadership;
  • ‘Difficult’ staff members / Challenging conversations;
  • Managing / supporting the performance of others;
  • Manager as coach.

Managing Change

Change is everywhere, and in 2015 the pace of change will only increase again. Mergers, new services, new products, new consumer interests, or new competitors – any of these forces will bring change.

Change management is the art of accounting for the human element in any change program. It’s not just a matter of ‘bringing people along’ or ‘selling them’; successful change programs include an extensive engagement strategy and participation in the process.

Our programs are designed at several levels.

We work strategically with the executive team to plan an effective and workable change program. We help leaders enhance their leadership and communication skills and approaches in times of change.

We provide group and one-to-one sessions for teams going through change.

Our extensive experience in this area will make a huge difference to how successfully your business and your people navigate that big change ahead.


Looking for something else?

We will design and deliver specific programs based on your needs – Contact us for a confidential discussion on the training you need to make your business a success.