Recruiting does involve an investment, but when you get it right with a new appointment, the benefits are so enormous as to render the cost relatively minor.

The ongoing value keeps accruing with everything step that person takes.

But if we could turn back the clock on every time we’ve seen the results of poor recruiting processes and inappropriate appointments, and start again with us in support, we’d have saved many organisations both cost and the impact of a wrong fit.

The cost of poor recruiting

When you’re recruiting to appoint key people, particularly into important touch-points in your organisation, it’s estimated that the cost of that appointment is up to 250% of salary – a huge loss if it's not a great fit.

However appointing high performers, fitted to the role and your culture, is a key to your success.

To help you get it right, our recruitment services cover specialist and executive appointments.


Whether you’re using an external provider, or going DIY...

We can help you find the right person to suit your leadership and management roles. Our clients get great results from our support for senior appointments. Using a leadership specialist makes all the difference. Our expert candidate analysis is a vital part of the process. We provide testing that includes not only capability assessment but also covers areas like leadership or management style and emotional intelligence capacity.

Even if you're using internal recruiting processes, there are steps along the way that we can help you with:

  • Executive Search;
  • Testing candidates for leadership potential, skills or personal style.

It’s a small investment for a major benefit.